It establishes whether your omnichannel retail system safeguards data and retains desired functionality. Big data testing enables merchants to analyse customer purchasing patterns, make business decisions, and provide end-to-end testing through data collection and data analytics.

Opting for security and making you free in the future. You are protecting your business

Applications used in retail have a lot of different operations and service modes. These crucial programmes affect client satisfaction, brand reputation, stability, and expansion. It is crucial that the numerous component systems, including Ecommerce, POS, Inventory control, and Business Intelligence systems, are perfectly synchronised.

  • To guarantee that users have a simple and secure buying experience, we test the usability, security, efficiency, or functional retail applications of the different channels, such as web stores and mobile shopping.
  • The effective planning of business strategies depends heavily on the accuracy of business intelligence systems.
  • It tests retail software to ensure effective inventory management and optimise demand planning and forecasting.

Customer Support

We evaluate and guarantee the quality of the system’s numerous customer support functions. We check the effectiveness of various support features, the accessibility of help data, and the speed of customer support or reconciliation procedures.


We test “Point of Sales” solutions using a variety of quality indicators, such as speedy checkout, simple product offerings, secure payment methods, and efficient invoicing systems.

Inventory Planning

We assess retail software to ensure effective inventory planning, including forecasting and planning of demand, replenishing techniques, and supply chain management, including inventory levels.

Warehouse Management Systems

We assess the warehouse operations for proper upkeep of stock levels for held, restocked, or delivered products, demand-based inventory, or product offerings whenever customers need it.